Klinsmann wants players to show desire to win Asian Cup


During the upcoming friendly matches, South Korean head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is looking for his players to demonstrate their desire to represent the country at the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar next year. Klinsmann emphasized the importance of players expressing themselves and showing their personality on the field as a way to convey their eagerness to participate in the tournament.

The matches against Peru and El Salvador will be the team’s first since March, where they had a draw against Colombia and a loss against Uruguay. Klinsmann, who took charge of the South Korean team in February, is eager to secure his first win as head coach.ees-homepage.net

Klinsmann wants the players to demonstrate their determination and commitment to winning the Asian Cup, even if they make mistakes along the way. He aims to build on the excitement from the previous matches and hopes to see the players’ best performances. Winning these matches and showcasing their passion for victory will send a strong message to the coaches and media about their desire to succeed in the Asian Cup.

Since taking on the role, Klinsmann has emphasized the goal of winning the Asian Cup in January 2024. The national team’s last title in the tournament was in 1960. Klinsmann acknowledged that the composition of the national team could change significantly between now and the Asian Cup, and he may give young players, including those from the U-20 team, an opportunity to prove themselves.

Although South Korea’s U-20 team finished in fourth place at the recent FIFA U-20 World Cup, Klinsmann praised their achievements and hinted at some players catching his attention. He stressed the importance of U-20 players returning to their club teams and earning regular playing time to continue their development.

Klinsmann emphasized that players can only grow by getting playing time on the field and not by sitting on the bench. He expressed the need for more players to have opportunities in the league and contribute to the national team’s progress.

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